Charlie and Cosmic Garbage

Kidrobot’s newest set of figures look like something you would get with a McDonalds Happy Meal for $5.99 rather than the $100 price tag they’ve slapped on it.  The designers behind the duo are Shelterbank, a Japanese design company.  Upon inspection, your correspondent sees a lot of macabre figures in Shelterbank’s portfolio of designs.  I don’t know how well Charlie & Cosmic Garbage will appeal with Kidrobot’s America audience.  However, I feel like with the opening of their Japanese store, Kidrobot will be pushing more Japanese artists through their pipeline.  Let’s just hope they don’t try to market a Dragon Ball Z series to us.

Obviously this design isn’t for me.  I also didn’t like Shelterbank’s 2010 Dunny design (of which there is a ton selling for cheap on ebay).  The one on the left looks like one of the characters from Where the Wild Things Are, and the right one looks kind of like Grimace from McDonalds.  I have a feeling these won’t sell-out as soon as Kidrobot hopes, even with only 300 produced.

McDonalds Toys

Look alikes

I’m looking forward to their new Jeff Soto piece for the Black Collection.  I’ll be at the NY Comic Con and will definitely scoop one.


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